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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Whip Basics Video Review # 39 "Art Whips" by Sui Generis

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rod the Ram

Rod the Ram is looking for a home.

"Having wandered from the Rocky Mountains, this lost little guy had left his home because he found it difficult to keep up with the other sheep due to his oddly stubby legs. During the scull crashing season, he was laughed out of the arena because, instead of emitting a bone-chilling crack when standing off with his opponent, a soft, bouncy squeak assured him that he would be single for life. 

More at home in the flat lands, he is here today to ask for a home, with infinite promise for soft cuddles and lots of love."

Want to adopt Rod???

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The shop is open

After a summer of cowboys and gunpowder, Unique Euphoria is back online and starting to collect merchandise.  Tis the season, why not come on in the shop and check out what is showing up?  1 new item every day.

Unique Euphoria!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015


A lovely whip maker named Bobbi Holyoak of Holyoak Whips was in Las Vegas this weekend at the Combat Con Festival and while her back was turned, someone stole one of her most time consuming and expensive whips. I will post a picture when I can, but it is silver and black in color, singular in that it is a signature piece of hers called the Valkyrie. Bobbi has lost hope in seeing the whip again, but we all want to make sure the thief will never be able to take it into public or sell it without problems. Pictures will be forthcoming with another post on the matter. It's one thing to steal a loaf of bread if you are hungry, but to steal a whip for the sake of stealing it, just sucks. Bobbi does this for a living. Would any of us like a chunk of paycheck taken away? A special shout out to those in the area to pass the message on? 

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Dresses on hangers

I recently laid my hot little mitts on one of those We Are Memory Keepers Fuse tools.  I'm not gonna lie.  I screamed a little bit when I opened the package.  EEEEEEEYAY!  It's new.  Like, really new.   So new that there are no real tutorials and ideas out there on what to do with this thing other than the standard instructions.  So.  Here is an idea I came up with.  A cute lil dress shaker card that hangs on a paper clip hanger.  It goes something like this:

First, draw out a little dress, or trace it out of a magazine, or whatever and cut it out.  This will be your template.

Next, trace the dress onto the pretty paper you desire to have your dress made from.  I like yellow...and polka dots.  Being "all about the bass" myself, it's a color/pattern combination I have to avoid, but I enjoy it from afar.  :)

Cut it pretty!  At this point, it would be good to add stickers, like a belt or flower...It all depends on how fancy you want this business to be.  I'm going plain for this tutorial.

Now, get you some plastic.  Here's the thing.  I have a heavy hand and the lighter plastics tend to melt on me pretty fast.  its all about knowing how fast you can roll your Fuse to not melt your plastic, but still get a good seal.  I happen to have this tablecloth plastic that is kind of thin, but you can sew it. Upholstery covers made from this stuff were popular in the dark ages, and clear plastic table cloths now.  You can buy it by the yard for cheap and make a gazillion lil' fused thingers.  So, now that I have my plastic, I can carry on.
You want 2 pieces that you can sandwich your dress between and have about an inch around all sides to screw up with.  That is, if you need to screw up.  I need screw up inch-ary.  You will too, should you choose to continue on with this tutorial.

Fuse a straight line right at the top.   You are making a little pocket here to tuck your dress in.  And, obviously, I cut my plastic like a drunken pirate.  You need a straight line.  Use your Fuse ruler thing.

See?  Nice.  Stick your dress between the plastic sheets and scoot it right up in there tight against the fused line.

Now, you want a second fused line, just below the first one UP TO the sleeve of your dress, then up to the next sleeve, then finishing off the other side (see below).  This is creating a pocket for your hanger wire to go through, but will create the illusion of your dress on the hanger.  You can cut out the confusion and just fuse straight across, but it looks like crap.  Don't do that.

Then, you fuse down each side.  I like to go all the way down and well past the bottom edge.  Make sure not to follow your dress too closely.  Give yourself a little space, because if you follow too closely to the paper, you won't get a good seal.  The Fuse will kind of melt the plastic, leaving a hole with no selvage edge.  If that happens, you are screwed.  Trust me here,  Give yourself some space and save yourself from screw-age.

Success so far?  YAY!  We are almost done.  See?  You have a little pocket to put your sparkles and glitter bits in.  Go ahead and do that.


Sparkles, beads and fun stuffs.  

 And now, you can seal up the bottom with the Fuse.  It's the easiest to just go from edge to edge.  Make sure all sparkles and glitter bits are well away from the fusing area.  This too can create issues with the seal.

Pay attention!  I am giving you pearls here!  A lot of swearing on my part went into learning these little tricks.  Save yourself the confession time.  

Once you get it all sealed up, you want to trim the excess plastic off.  Remember, I cut my original plastic like a drunken pirate.  It needs a trim.  You can trim tight against the outside edge of the fused line.  If you gave yourself space around the edge, you have a great seal and you can trim it all professional like.  No one will even know about the drunken pirates :)

Wah-na-na!!!!!! Awwwe...Flat Stanley prom worthy.  I would so wear that...if I too were perfectly flat and had no need to sweat.  Okay, yes.  I'm odd.  Onward.

 Now, you want to make the hangers.  This is not my tutorial, but you can go online and find the one.  Let me see if I can link to it...HERE'S ONE!!!  You're welcome :)

So, straighten out the one end so you have a mostly straight area to thread the dress on this hanger.

 Remember that somewhat confusing area in the beginning that I wanted you to make?  Here it is in action.  You see how your dress shoulders end up being in front of the hanger?  It kind of looks like the dress is "on" the hanger. Yeah.  shove your hanger in that lil' hole.

Then, bend the hanger back into shape and WOOOHOOO!  You did it!  How cute is that thing?  The same method can be used if you want to make those paper clip bookmaker flag things.  That way, your dress can be more functional as...well, a book mark.

See?  I made one from a fish.  You can use this same idea with any shape to make shaker card dangley bits for all your journals, pocket letters, scrap books, etc.  Have fun!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sleep lessons...

I need them.  Sleep lessons.  I am the type of person that will go to bed at a decent hour only to wake up every hour to play candy crush and listen to audio books until another hour of braindead takes over.  I can't, for the life of me, just stay asleep.  I wonder if it contributes to my creativity and overall awesomeness or if my sleep button is just an idiot.  I prefer the more romantic explanation
That being said, I have been a crochet fool.  While I love my bullets more than pie, it always seems to be the norm to see more hats going out the door in the winter months than bullets.  Go figure.  I guess one follows the money and hopes to be discovered sooner or later.  I assume this is why movie stars are discovered waiting tables.  I am simply waiting tables until I catch the eye of some shopper with an eye for recycle art and love for the smell of black powder. Until then, why not try to talk someone into a crochet top hat?

Grandma goes steampunk?  Whatever.  The whole idea is fun and gives me variety from the run-of-the-mill pageboys, beanies, and flappers.  Don't get me wrong, I love them too, but dadblammit, I love to see a little adult variety in the snow.  I say adult because every kid on the planet has a bear head hat someplace.  Old news.  Move over kids, its adult fun time.  
If you want to see more hats, They are in my shop at  

Admittedly, I took a break yesterday and experimented with some cording I got from a friend in a random package of fun.  Another friend had sent me a photo of a necklace that she enjoyed, made from a different (less pretty) cording.  I took it as a challenge to try to replicate.  The picture is lame, my camera is old and cheap...but much like that sad old lady that sits at the end of the bar at the local tavern, it just wouldn't be the same if it wasn't, the camera stays and all the photos taken with it look dreamy and surreal.  Yeah.  Surreal.  Anyhoo....

It's fine, though I see glue and that tends to bug me.  I'm not a perfectionist by any means, I just struggle with shabby chic looking too shabby.  We won't explore the back side of the necklace.