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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hats n things

It is that time of year again and since snow was falling in my backyard already 3 times, I decided to break out the crochet hooks and yarn collection that has been packed away so long. I had a pile of really really RED yarn and thoughts of the little neighborhood menaces, flaming hellions speeding the walkways on big wheels and my great nephew came to mind. Have you ever seen a hat and said to yourself, "Hey-I know that kid?"

This next one came to me after reading a Gary Larson cartoon where a guy had a duck on his head. it just seemed so right.

But as everyone knows, the focus of my site is wire working and reclaimed art, so Ill get to it.

Let me explain a little bit about this first thing. I had actuallyhad made it for myself. You see, I have this sunflower love that boarders on the psychopathic, so I made this sunflower thing for myself to hang my giant fork and spoon set that belonged to my grandmother. The thing is, when I got all the elements together it kind of reminded me of a Pier 1 explosion and I realized my inner interior designer hates me.

I then thought how cute the whole situation would be in a kitchen with vintage aprons hanging on the hooks-Adorable! Alas, I have no vintage aprons.

I've decided to give my customers the opportunity to enjoy the sunflower. It is a very big piece, so your going to want to have a bit of room made for it. It's a favorite of mine though, so I hope you like it.

The rest of the day I spent finishing up a few projects, painting and listing. I always tell myself that I'm only going to spend an hour on my shop, then it turns into a whole day. I updated quite a bit though, so instead of writing all about it, I'll just let you go and see for yourself. Enjoy.