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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Well, It took some time, but I have an awesome product going into my etsy today.  I made crochet stitch markers just a little more ergonomic and easy to use by utilizing the traditional lobster claw, only at a scale much bigger than what is usually used.  It seems even when I use the small lobster claws, I not only have trouble getting them placed on my work, but getting them off as well.  The bigger size should remedy that situation and should be a little easier for stiff and arthritic hands as well.   I had to special order the lobster claws, but I'm thinking they will be well worth the added expense.  So, here they are.  I am showing you how much larger these are than the traditional clasp so you can see the difference.  They will come in a set of 5, but because these claws are so much more expensive than the regular ones, I have had to price them accordingly.  I am hoping the ease of use and convenience will be worth the extra.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Swapbot section of my Etsy store is OPEN

The Swapbot section of my Etsy is open for business!  So far I have earrings:

And coffee sleeves 'n cup cozies:

Washcloths and scrubbies:

I'm working on some wood burned swap cards and postcards (these take a while and are some work)

and lots more little fun do dads to come.  Everything is free shipping.  Come in and take a peek?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New section in my etsy store

Real quick, its been a really, really long day.

I opened  a section of my etsy shop dedicated to handmade, affordable things for snail-mail swappers!  Fabric postcards, tea bag cozies, stitch markers, etc.  New things will be added every day and I am offering free shipping for everyone everywhere!

I'm pretty excited about this and as a swapper myself, I have always gotten good reviews on the items when I sent them to my partners and I think it would be nice for the not-so-crafty swappers to add in something really special sometimes.

Now, some of you are probably asking, what is a snail-mail swapper?  It's really fun and SO awesome.  Write letters and send treats to people all over the world.  It is very safe and strictly monitored, but is an excellent venue for paying it forward and random acts of kindness, which I LOVE doing!  I have written to lonely people, sad people, happy people, stressed out people.  I've been told that their day was going so badly and they came home to a big pile of bills and bad news except for a pretty little package filled with tiny little gifts just for them.  It makes their day and I want to spread the word and get everyone involved.

So, here is the link to the swapbot blog where you can read all about the process and the fun: 

From there, you can read about the process and get a link to the actual site where you can set up a free account.  Add me to your relationships and maybe I can set up a swap with you!  My profile on Swapbot is here:

Okay!  I am done!  So tired!  See you on the fun side and thank you for hanging out with me!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

stitch markers, et cetera

You know, there is nothing that make some happier than something fun to get me through a chore.  Whether it's a fun fur handmade floor duster in funky colors, a pretty flower-shaped dish scrubby, or a dishtowel covered with sunflowers, if its fun, it makes getting the job done more fun too.  I need as much fun and pretty as I can get with 4 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 birds.  Trust me here, if it can be embellished, I have embellishments.

Anyone know where I can get a cool elephant peculator?  You see one, let me know.
Anyway, in an effort to spread the joy, I made up some pretty knitty stitch makers and put them in my shop.  I also managed to find some jumbo lobster claws so I can hook up my crochet peeps as well.  I went the small/standard/tiny lobster-claw route with my crochet markers, but after using them myself, I thought they were way too hard to use, not really ergonomic, and just kind of a pain in the poop shooter.   I went on a quest for bigger claws and managed to score some with a reasonable enough price tag to pull off some great marker-bling action.  Stay tuned crafty fans--I am working on it.

Until then, check out the knitter markers I have going on!

lastly, because I've been away from my blog so long, I want to thank you all for your patience and for still being here.  As a reward for staying awesome, I'll allow you a private viewing of my accidental porno bread that managed to evolve in my Pyrex bread tube the other day.  Behold!  Yep.  It's perfectly okay to laugh.  Go for it.