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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

teapot surprises

Yep.  I'm a swapper.  I love to do those cool mail swaps where you have some kind of a challenge and then get a random partner to send to?  Well, if you've never done it, go to and sign up.  Its free and super fun.
The last swap I did was supposed to be for a cup of tea and a letter.  You get 2 partners to which you send 2 teas/packaged beverages and a letter.  as long as you follow those rules, your good. However, I LOVE getting fun mail and extra special things and I honestly believe that you get what you receive, so I try to make mine special.

What I did was, I drew a teapot freehand onto a piece of paper and then cut out each section that I want to applique   Like this:

Then, you pick your fabric and iron it on to stabilizer--the thicker the stabilizer, the better, especially when you have tiny swirls and corners to stitch around. 

Then, you trace each piece out onto the stabilizer side of the material and cut it all out.  For interest, use coordinating colors, but different fabrics for each piece.  

I then take a piece of felt and tightly zigzag all the way around the piece, making sure to leave an opening at the top so you can put things into your teapot. 

You end up with a little something like this.  You want to trim the felt edges of the teapot for a nice finished look.  I added a pocket in the front too, to put my letter in for my partner.

And here it is!  all packed up and ready to go!  It was very easy and the pot only took about an hour extra to put together.  A little effort and my partners have a super special surprise.

I also offer little things like this in my Etsy shop all pre-made for the swapper.  Not everyone is crafty, but everyone loves special just-because surprises.  That little something extra will make someone.s day.

Because I'm on the subject of surprises, Look what I GOT TODAY!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012


Okay, I am supposed to be working at my "real" job, but I really wanted to post this quick.  First, "the story."

So, year ago my mom gave me a box filled with tons of crochet hooks that belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother.  I was thrilled, but both of them were doily makers and most of these hooks are teenie weenie!!!  With the hooks came a bag of cotton thread that you used them with.  basically, string.  not yarn, not something bulky and quick and warm.  String.  Thread even.  As an impatient artist, I lovingly put these hooks to the side along with the thread and convinced myself that I would NEVER have the patience for anything less than worsted weight and a size H hook.  The other day, I was looking for lace applique to make jewelry and realized, it looked just like the doilies my grandmas made, only not round...

So,  I went looking for patterns, but as I said before, I am super impatient.  So, the pattern thing never really does me any good because after the first couple of rows or whatever, I go all independent freelancer and do what the hell I want.  I managed to work out a little something.  Of course, it's freehand, so there is no exact numbers, which adds to the wonky appearance; however, the deed has been done.  I made me a choker with one of my grandma's teenie weenie hooks and some of her string.  TA DAAAAA!   I am currently blocking it which is why you see all the pins, but you get the drift of what I was experimenting for.

Now, will I do it again? IS terribly cool, though my hand was not loving the tiny hook.  I may need to fashion a more ergonomic grip on these hooks before trying again, but yeah.   I can do this.  Hi grandma (s)!  I did it!!!