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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial weekend, doves, Jesus and angels

I managed to score a pile of these little white doves that I thought would make awesome wind dangles and I am trying my best to decide on an appropriate centerpiece. At first I was thinking an earth/globe situation with the doves raining down from it. Then, since it is memorial weekend and I do make most of my sales as grave bling, I thought a Jesus would be cool with the doves raining down. Maybe I could do both? On the other hand, I do have deep respect for my Jesus and I can't seem to really capture him in stick person form. Nothing that makes you take one look and say--Hey, isn't that Jesus?

I might be safer just going with an angel...whatever I decide, I need to decide quick. Until then, I am busy drilling holes into these little plastic doves...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


New stuff is in the works! I have not had the time to get into my shop like I should, so get ready to see some wire art. I have a new addition to my sculpture-solar lights! I can't wait to see them in action. Until then, they are on the paint rack waiting to dry.

I have been working on some things lately though. I had a HUGE order for daisy scrubbies, but I took a break now and then to support my fellow crocheters/knitters and all their sustainable craftiness and made some funky stitch markers.

I also have some bird feeders up that I made from some garage sale finds. One of them is just plain crazy. I might keep that one for myself. Think of those giant silverware sets Grandma had in her kitchen--Awesome!

Anyway, Unique Euphoria is back online, so come and check out what's new, let me know what you think!