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Sunday, May 20, 2012

New section in my etsy store

Real quick, its been a really, really long day.

I opened  a section of my etsy shop dedicated to handmade, affordable things for snail-mail swappers!  Fabric postcards, tea bag cozies, stitch markers, etc.  New things will be added every day and I am offering free shipping for everyone everywhere!

I'm pretty excited about this and as a swapper myself, I have always gotten good reviews on the items when I sent them to my partners and I think it would be nice for the not-so-crafty swappers to add in something really special sometimes.

Now, some of you are probably asking, what is a snail-mail swapper?  It's really fun and SO awesome.  Write letters and send treats to people all over the world.  It is very safe and strictly monitored, but is an excellent venue for paying it forward and random acts of kindness, which I LOVE doing!  I have written to lonely people, sad people, happy people, stressed out people.  I've been told that their day was going so badly and they came home to a big pile of bills and bad news except for a pretty little package filled with tiny little gifts just for them.  It makes their day and I want to spread the word and get everyone involved.

So, here is the link to the swapbot blog where you can read all about the process and the fun: 

From there, you can read about the process and get a link to the actual site where you can set up a free account.  Add me to your relationships and maybe I can set up a swap with you!  My profile on Swapbot is here:

Okay!  I am done!  So tired!  See you on the fun side and thank you for hanging out with me!

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