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Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have about 5 crochet and 5 knit stitch marker sets of 4 to give away.  Colors will vary.  Comment on my post and specify whether you would like knit or crochet, then email me at with an address so I can send them to you.  First comenter, first serve.  While supplies last.

EDIT!  Due to the overwhelming response, I am now officially out of stitch markers; however, there is still a few left in my shop and if you chose to buy, I will still include a free gift as below.

Not a knitter or crochet artist?  Go to my Etsy shop at  If you see something you like and buy it between now and August 8, 2010, I will include a surprise gift worth $5.00 or more with your order.


Lisa said...

That dove dangle is GORGEOUS! It has a wonderfully calming effect, even in its photo form, so the real thing must be heavenly!
Although I'm the first comment, I won't trouble you for markers as all my crafting stash is in storage in England while I'm in France.
You're a master of recycling genius!
Best wishes
(swap-bot name: Filpot)

Dirty Girl Art said...

Wolfeagle says: Awesomeness. Emailing you. I love your recycled art.


Love your talent! Crochet is my forte! Blessings! LADYHIGHTOWER (Swap-Bot) Blog Me, Baby

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I'd love a set of crochet markers. I'm a knitter, but find the crochet markers sometimes come in handier than knitting ones. I could use a set. Thanks so much, email on the way.

One Sheep said...

My friend Kitten told me about this offer, and I'm so happy I'm in time. How generous - Thank You. Your lovely knitting markers for me please. I'll send my address right away.