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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tattoo trials, a confession, and a squid

A friend of mine is newly anointed into the infamous roller derby sanction, which takes this mild-mannered accountant from conservative to I-want-a-tattoo real fast.  This is just a little fooling around, but a couple of quick ideas we discussed...

The wheel.  More to her liking, as she hasn't quite committed to the whole idea in the first place and, should she actually go through with it, she wants something small.  Pft. 

My original idea was a really beat up and tired skate.  Instead of flames, I wanted smoke.
I never went through with the sketch because this one was too busy and big for said accountant/newly discovered bad ass.

A fun derailment from the jewelry, but tattooing is waaaay to controlled for my taste.  This is why I shudder when someone asks me to do commission work.  I have to limit myself to the customer's expectations.  
No fun at all.  

I prefer to whim on my own and dive into what I want and then wait for the mental unicorn to come along
and love it as I made it.
Like when I decided to crochet a squid...
I mean really.  Who doesn't want one of THESE!???

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