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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Here comes the sun, doo dee dooo dee...

I have the back door open. I HAVE THE BACK DOOR OPEN!!!!!

After CNN has ranked the area as the coldest ever, to have the back door open is like...well its just amazing.  About this time of year, we are all so cooped completely up we can't stand ourselves or anyone else.

Goals for the spring:

-Still working on getting the house I want.  If its meant to be, it will be.  Until then, I am a Pinterest junkie.
-Studio.  No matter where I end up, the time has come that it will be mandatory for me to create a space for my work.  The shop is doing very well and my name is getting out there.  I even turned down a commission yesterday.   I don't know.  Having someone tell me what they want instead of me randomly picking my own supplies and putting them together the way I want seems to steal something from me.  So, I'm a dramatic moody artist.  I'm doing this to be happy, not to be a craft machine.
- Food forest.  I should probably elaborate on this on my personal blog.  I have a pretty elaborate plan that includes several food trees and a weekly educational situation explaining the importance and simplicity behind sustainability.  I'll go there...over there :)
-Official copyright.  Over and above the postdated and sealed photos of my work, I need to invest in a real legal, documented copyright for the Steambug line.  This is really important to me.  While the methods I am using now will hold up in court, I just really want something in my hand declaring my work as mine.  I've worked hard for this.

In other news, I finished 2 lachrymatories today and listed them under the Victorian-Inspired section of the shop.  I have 3 needle cases curing and hopefully, they will be ready to go by Monday for the big order going out to New York.  I'm strating to get a really nice following under my Google + account-- with a real interest in my work, which is super exciting.  I've also reached  well over 500 "likes" on my fanpage.  Maybe my wasted years as a studio art student wasn't in vain after all... :)
Lastly, Old West in the Hills is all coming together for our first official festival.  This has got to be the biggest thing I have ever been in on and I am really hoping it goes well our first year.  If you are in the mood to shake off the winter blahs in an old west town this June and you are in the Eau Claire area, bring the kids to our festival.  Lots of games, stories, demonstrations, skits, wagon rides, prizes.  All within a cool old western town.  If you are familiar with the SASS and WOWS organizations, rest assured that there will be no live ammo or firearms at the festival.  If interested in a club demonstration, we will have video example or you can visit the websites.

Well, regardless all the good stuff, I still have a day job to do with work waiting for me.  So I'm off.  Here's to a great year thus far.

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