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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Film swap and other stuff

I am gearing up to get my shop up and rolling again. I cleaned out the old and the new is in the making. I am still swapping on the side. Well, okay, I am trying to get swapping on the side, since it shoved it's way to my forefront the last couple of months. This is because of my cabin fever and general malayse that comes to me automatically at the end of every winter. I am getting cought up now, so I can start making money again instead of givng it all to the post office :)

I doubt that my partner for the "Friday is movie night" swap has visited my blog, so I'm probably safe to post what I sent.

The rules were 1 movie in it's original case will fulfil the swap. This is what aI did to make it fun:

My partner loves Dr. Who, so I managed to score a new dvd from Amazon for little-to-nothing. While I waited for that to come, I took my own advice for the film canister idea I had posted in December and made a film can out of an old cookie tin. I spray painted it silver, then went on line and found what a real canister looks like and printed a copy of the picture onto some sticky paper. I stuck that t the top, but because I had to blow it up so much, I ended up having to go over it with silver and black makers to make it look less...pixle-ey. Here is how it turned out:

Then, according to my partner's likes and dislikes, I stuffed it with snacks (popcorn and chocolates), drink (flavored water pack for cold, hot chocolate for hot), the movie of course, and stuff to do because, like I told her, I can't just sit there doing nothing. I have to crochet or sew or something, so she got fun fat quarters, a handmade journal with an owl (she said she loved owls) and some crochet stitch markers I made.

The kicker was, after all the work I put into the film can, my dvd was too big which was why I sent the journal-to make up for my stupid mistake. Unfortunately, after I made the owl, I read that she despised the color orange. I gave up trying at this point and packed it up and sent it off. I'll have to try again next time and make sure I have a big enough can.

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