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Sunday, October 13, 2013

copper ring and a reminder of being loved

My dad had very debilitating rheumatoid arthritis.  It, along with other co morbid factors, put him in a wheelchair for the last few years of his life.  He religiously wore a copper bracelet that he had made himself.  He used to tell my kids that the green stuff that was left on his skin after wearing the bracelet was old and rotten arthritis that was drawn out by the bracelet. :)  {He was a great storyteller}. I can say with some certainty, that I cannot remember my dad's left hand ever giving him as much trouble with swelling and pain as his right.  Usually, if he was having a bad attack, it was his right hand that would be the culprit.  He never wore his bracelet on anything but his LEFT hand.  This is only what I had observed in someone who was willing to try the treatment with an open mind.  I could go all over the Internet and copy and paste facts and statistics that someone somewhere had managed to collect but have been long since plagiarized and re-posted without any firsthand knowledge.  As you all know, when posting wildcrafting recipes and ideas in my other blog, I personally have prepared and eaten everything I share and tell all the gory details associated with it so you, the reader, are prepared.

I believe that copper will work as much as you want it to work or as much as you need it to work in conjunction with other holistic remedies, it may be worth trying.  It certainly is safer for you than Big Medicine's experimental drugs with all those side effects that may actually be worse than the original problem.  As I progress through life and the inevitable comes and settles in my joints, I have no qualms with having green wrists sipping on stinging nettle tea.

So anyway, the fun part.  When my dad was alive, he would often experiment with different ideas and when he passed away, I had the privilege of getting to go through his odds and ends.  At some point, dad had sliced a copper pipe for something.  I kept the little rings in case inspiration hit me.
Last night, I was unable to sleep, so I went out int he shop and started playing with these copper rings.

I've never actually done metalsmithing, so it was all a big fun experiment for me.  Several buffing tips later...

I have this fun little ring.  

I chose loved instead of love because sometimes I need to be reminded, not only to give love, but that I am loved unconditionally in return.  Maybe this reminder will help the ring draw out negativity and loneliness as well as pain and inflammation :)

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Swappingsan said...

I love the copper rings you made. Also, the word loved puts a very powerful meaning to it.

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